Te midden van een prachtige groene omgeving ondergaat het Valkenbos op dit moment een revitalisatie die onze gasten van Van der Valk de unieke gelegenheid biedt om deel te nemen aan dit mooie project. Samen zorgen we voor een nieuw hoofdstuk in de geschiedenis van dit bos, waar gastvrijheid hand in hand gaat met duurzaamheid.

About Valkenbos

The Valkenbos is a 45-hectare forest and has been in the Van der Valk family ownership for 50 years. At this moment the forest is being revitalized from only conifers to also deciduous trees. Deciduous trees are better for the soil and ground which improves the quality of the forest.

Forest accessibility

Our goal is a healthy and public forest. So you as a guest can also enjoy this nature yourself by building paths in the future. The forest is located in the Netherlands and therefore has a direct positive influence on the environment in the Netherlands. Also, the forest is publicly accessible and tangible.

How can I contribute as a guest?

As a guest, you can make a good contribution to the existence of the forest by choosing a GreenStay option once a stay is at least 2 nights. When you choose a GreenStay option, your room will not be cleaned on the first day. As a thank you, we will place a tree in the Valkenbos.